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Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic System

Course Code: CSE 6025

Course Type: n/a

Credit: 3.00

Credit Hour: 3.00

Prerequisite: n/a

Fundamentals of Neural Networks, Back propagation and related training algorithms; Hebbian learning; Cohen-Grossberg learning; The BAM and Hopfield memory; simulated Annealing; Different types of neural networks; Counter propagation, probabilistic, radial basic function, generalized regression etc. Adaptive Resonance theory; Dynamic systems and neural control; The Boltzman machine; Self organizing maps; spatiotemporal pattern classification, The Neo-cognition, practical aspects of neural networks.

Introduction, crisp sets to fuzzy sets; Operations on fuzzy sets, fuzzy arithmetic, fuzzy relations and fuzzy relation equations; Fuzzy logic, fuzzy propositions and quantifiers, linguistic hedges, implications; Applications: Expert systems, fuzzy controllers, pattern recognition and information retrieval systems, engineering applications, medical applications.