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Undergraduate Projects

Ongoing Projects:

Faculty Project
Dr. Md. Fayyaz Khan
  • Design and construction of Directional IDMT relay
  • Design of a low cost efficient grid tied inverters
  • Energy Auditing for a residential complex
  • Energy Auditing for a commercial Installation
Dr. Raqibul Mostafa
  • Modeling of biomedical processes and detection of abnormalities in heart conditions from processing of ECG signals.
  • Smart Grid Systems for Better Management of Existing Power Distribution Systems and Mini-Grid Systems from Renewable Energy Sources
  • High Data Rate Networks: From Theory to Applications
Dr. Khawza Iftekhar Uddin Ahmad
  • High data rate enable modern mobile wireless systems. (Will complete in the coming thesis defense)
  • Time reversal Ultra wideband comm systems.
  • Elastography techniques for Ulrasound Imaging.
  • Monitoring smart grid.
  • On building new measuring device for electric measurements of Tumors.
Md. K. Masukur Rahman
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces using EEG/MEG.
  • Disease Diagnosis from Heart rate and Blood pressure variability.
Md. Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury
  • Modeling of I-V characteristics of Heterojunction Solar Cell
  • Modeling of Internal Quantum Efficiency of Heterojunction Solar Cell considering Excitonic Effect
  • Modeling of C-V characteristics for DGFET
  • Modeling of C-V characteristics for FINFET
Salahuddin Ahmed
  • Search Engine for Library of Congress
  • Layout Design for 4-bit ALU
GMA Ehsan ur Rahman
  • Design and Implementation of a PFI controller
  • Design and Implementation of a Flying Robot
  • Design and Implementationg of Lift Control System
  • Design and Implementation of a CNC machine
Mr.Intekhab Alam
  • Completed a single phase inverter to run a single phase induction motor and collected data to write up their thesis/ project book.
  • Completed a single phase inverter to run an induction heating system and collected data to write up their thesis/ project book.
  • Completed first step (first arm) to make a robotic arm for industrial application
  • Wind mill design to gather wind energy (Horizontal design). This group is working in good pace.
  • Wind mill design to gather wind energy ( Vertical design).
Mr. B.K.M Mizanur Rahman
  • Mimo Assisted OFDM for next generation wireless systems
  • Speech Recognition for Bangla Language
  • Design and simulation of smart antenna
Haider Adnan Khan
  • Medical Image Segmentation
  • Study of Ultrasound Imaging and Elastography
Mrs. Helena bulbul
  • PLC Based AC Motor Protection
  • Simulation and Performance analysis of a Wind turbine power plant
  • Design of a reverse power relay for an alternator
Mr. Faisal Amir
  • Design and Implementation of an AC energy meter
  • A 10-bit, 5Msamples/s, S&H frontend for a cyclic ADC
Anomadarshi Barua Shuvro
  • Universal Scanner
Tonmoy Kumar Bhowmick
  • Multimode regime in Quantum Cascade Laser
Md.Rubayatur Rahim Bhuyian
  • DC micro-grid along with smart grid features for efficient utilization of distributed renewable energy sources and Operation of multiple Smart DC micro-grids.

Selected Past Undergraduate projects:
Faculty Project
Prof. Dr. Md. Ruhul Amin
  • Feasibility study of a Hybrid grid system for Dhaka city
  • Analysis of crosstalk on PCB lands
  • Modeling of planar antennas for portable mobile devices
Dr. Md. Fayyaz Khan
  • HVDC transmission thru East-West Interconnector
  • Diesel PV micro grid system for Rural Households and Irrigation loads in a non grid area of Bangladesh
  • Design of a hybrid grid network for remote Island of Bangladesh
  • Battery sizing for optimum operation of Solar Home System
  • Harmonic Analysis of energy saving lamps
  • Load forecasting & load management in an industrial belt
  • Study of photo electric properties of different materials and design& construction of a low cost solar cell
  • Improving efficiency and starting performance of Induction motor
  • Energy conservation in Air-conditioning system
Dr. Raqibul Mostafa
  • Study of communication for smart grid application
  • Study of RFID systems for potential applications
  • Study of modeling and digital signal processing techniques for biomedical signals
  • Indoor wireless coverage planning for WLAN applications
  • Channel equalization application in a wireless communication
  • Simulation based performance analysis of broadband wireless communication system using Simulink® platform
Dr. Khawza Iftekhar Uddin Ahmad
  • RFID Based Secured Access System
  • Cross Layer Issues for WiFi and WiMAX Standards
  • Sending Meter reading through power cable using micro-controller
Md. Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury
  • Analytical Modeling of Dark Saturation Current and Internal Quantum Efficiency
  • Dark current modeling for pn junction solar cell
  • Carrier transport in the Quasi-neutral base of BJT considering majority carrier current
  • Analytical Modeling of base transit time for Insulated gate bipolar transistor
  • Analytical Modeling of CV characteristics for MOSFET
  • Analytical Modeling of internal quantum efficiency of a solar cell
  • Design of a Microcontroller based UPS
  • Calculation of base transit time for hetero junction bipolar transistor
  • Base Transit time of BJT for exponential doping profile
Dr. Md. K. Masukur Rahman
  • Automatic detection of heart disease from ECG signals
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking using Artificial Intelligence
  • Automatic extraction of Battery characteristics
  • Motor Fault Detection by Artificial Intelligence Based on Current and Sound
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Power System
  • Automatic Diagnosis of Heart Valve
  • Online Motor Fault Recognition using Vibration & Neural Network
Mr.Shahriar Ahmed Chowdhury
  • Enhancing the performance of Solar PV systems
  • Optimizing solar energy collection in photovoltaic systems
  • Solar Diesel Hybrid Power system solution for off grid St. Martin Island
  • Design of a charge controller for a Solar Home System
  • Design and Implementation of Solar tracker
  • Design of a Solar Diesel Hybrid Solution for a typical off grid BTS in Bangladesh
  • Design of a MPPT ( Maximum Tower Point Tracker) solar charge controller
  • Design of a Microcontroller based Solar Tracker
  • Design of a Charging Circuit for Testing of Industrial Batteries
  • Study of a Grid Substation
GMA Ehsan ur Rahman
  • River Navigation System using Zigbee Wireless network
  • MCU based Battery Charging and Monitoring system (for Solar application)
  • Microcontroller Based Solar/Renewable Energy storage Performance Study and System Development
  • Study and implementation of various video CODECs and compressor using DSP controller
  • VOIP Network and Protocol Study
  • Wireless Communication for navigation application
  • Embedded System development and Implementation for Industrial Automation.
  • Power and Energy measurement for Renewable Energy Appliances
  • Microprocessor / Microcontroller based system design and implementation – Communication or Industrial Automation Application
Mr. Mohammed Moseeur Rahman
  • Design and implementation of a display module for four types of damped responses in antenna azimuth position control system
  • Study based on desalination of seawater using solar energy
  • Design and implementation of an azimuth position control system for Radar Antenna
  • Microcontroller based control system through computer
Mohammad Monir Morshed
  • Design of microwave Yagi antenna on dielectric substrate
  • Design of coplanar microstrip (CPS) antenna
  • Design and implementation of a pair of Horn-antenna for UIU Microwave laboratory setup
  • Design and analysis of microwave circuit components for various types of transmission lines
Mr. Salahuddin Ahmed
  • Design of a smart traffic signal
Mr. Mohammed Sarwar Hossain
  • A Study on 3G mobile communication system
  • Analysis of  PLL Based Frequency Synthesizers
  • RF Circuit Analysis
Mr. B.K.M Mizanur Rahman
  • Design and Implementation of Microstrip Antenna for Microwave access
  • Multiuser  MIMO-OFDM for Next-Generation Wireless Systems
  • Smart antennas for wireless communication
  • Design of a microstrip antenna for ultra high frequency RFID
  • Transmission line properties of parallel strips separated by a dielectric sheet
  • Simulation of OFDM system in wireless communication
  • Impact of techniques in wireless communications
  • Wireless Communication over MIMO channel
  • Communication system simulation with wireless application
Ms. Helena bulbul
  • GSM based SCADA implementation using microcontroller.
  • Short time electrical load forecasting using Fuzzy logic
  • Location sensing and reminder message alert using mobile phone/GSM
  • Power grid control through PC
  • Controlling electrical/electronic home appliances via mobile
  • Microcontroller based temperature controlling system
  • Microcontroller-based security system
Mr. Omor Faruk Shoron
  • Design of a Triple Band Microstrip PAtch Antenna for Cellular and Wi - Fi Application
  • Study of Capacitance -Voltage Characteristic of Ultra Thin Body SOI MOSFET Using Quantum Mechanical Analysis.
Md. Abdul Wahab
  • A robust nonparametric VSS NLMS algorithm for non blind system identification with noise
  • Semiclassical C-V characteristics for MOS devices with retrograde (non uniform) doping profile
Mohammad Mamun Elahi
  • Securing in server in Linux
Mohammad mamun Elahi
  • Developing an efficient recourse allocation scheme for mobile cellular communication.
  • Developing a fair incentive scheme for vehicular networks
Mr. S.M Raiyan Kabir
  • Person Identification using iris pattern recognition
Mr. A.R.N.M Reaz-Ul-Haque
  • Economical prospects of renewable energies in Bangladesh
Mr. Abuwasib
  • RF Transmitter and Receiver design
  • Circuit Design for Digital Communication
Mr. ATM Golam Sarwar
  • Self-consistent modeling of nano-scale single gate MOSFETs
  • Micro-controller based solar charge controller
Mr. Hasan Mohammad Faraby
  • Design and Implementation of an Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
  • Design and Implementation of a 4bit Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
Mr. Kazi Jamir Uddin Ahmed
  • Investigate the pitch of an utterance and Identify the male or female speaker using DSP technique. Study the major applications of pitch in the field of DSP
Mr. Md. Nayeem Arafat
  • A Mini household power supply Device for rural area
  • Transformer Oil temperature measurement- Hardware Implementation
Mr. Md. Nazmul Alam
  • Study of Four Wave Mixing, Accumulated ASE and other fiber nonlinearity on the Performance of an Optical Network
Mr. Mohammad Raziul Hasan
  • Micro-controller based line following robot
Mr. Mohammed Shahriar Zaman
  • Remote controlling of Home Appliances
  • Performance evaluation of an OCDMA system
Mr. Muhammad monzur Morshed
  • Control of Dot Matrix(8x8) Display Using Micro Controller
Mr. S.M. Moududul Islam
  • Design and implementation of a DC rechargeable LED based lighting scheme
  • A Study on Electronic states in various Multidimensional Quantum structures
  • A Study on Electronic states in various Multidimensional Quantum structures
Mr. Sadid Muneer
  • PC and Microcontroller Based Control System for Electrical Appliances
  • Single Phase Prepaid Energy Meter using Microcontroller
Mr. Md. Enayetur Rahman
  • Bio-inspired Communication
Ms. Shamsur Nahar
  • OFDM system simulation using MATLAB
  • Design and implementation of a lift controller using microcontroller