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Centre for Energy Research

Centre for Energy Research (CER) 
Adverse effects and risks of conventional fossil fuel or nuclear energy is getting more prominent day by day that makes the renewable energy a very important sector of research and development. Although still expensive, people and the governments all over the world are gradually realizing the importance of renewable energy as a safeguard against an environmental catastrophe for our future generation. It is interesting to observe that renewable energy is getting due importance in a developing country like Bangladesh and penetration of Solar PV and biogas/biomass in recent years is quite appreciable. Considering the cost of renewable energy, it is not still considered as a viable alternative for bulk power generation, but with the soaring price of the fossil fuels in the world market and decreasing price of the solar PV and other renewable energy gadgets, it is quite near in future that renewable energy will become a major contributor in the energy sector of Bangladesh. So, it is very important for the researchers in Bangladesh to prepare them for the future and get involved in research and development of the renewable energy technology. 
With the mission in view, The Centre for Energy Research (CER) was established in September, 2010 in United International University.  The aim of the CER is to enhance research in the fields of renewable and sustainable energy, its utilization and efficient management, and policy formulation through research and development. A state of art research laboratory is being developed under CER to carry out test and research in the field of renewable energy. CER is involved in different renewable energy related activities like training, designing low cost high efficiency circuits for LED lamps, micro-controller based charge controller with maximum power point tracking, enhancing the performance of solar PV systems, designing of diffused reflectors for solar PV panels for enhanced power output, DC micro grid and smart systems etc. Recently CER has been awarded the contract for 2011 Technical Auditing of the SHSs (Solar Home Systems) installed all over Bangladesh under IDCOL's (Infrastructure Development Company Limited) Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Development Project (REREDP) project, which is the largest SHS project in the world. As far as the energy sector is concerned, renewable energy in particular, UIU has significant expertise and experience. UIU is the pioneer in introducing a course on renewable energy at the undergraduate level in EEE department and plans to open up specialized courses in the near future. Recently CER has been accepted as the testing authority to certify equipments for IDCOL's Solar Home System program.